Financial Support

The School of Biology and Ecology will typically support all of its graduate students financially through teaching assistantships and research assistantships. It automatically considers any applicant to the graduate program for these assistantships unless they indicate no need for financial support. Support is provided for the duration of a student’s degree program, typically 2 years for a student in an M.S. program and 4-5 years for a student in a Ph.D. program.

Teaching Assistantships in Biology and Ecology

The School of Biology and Ecology sponsors Teaching Assistantships to help with teaching in laboratory sections of its courses. A teaching assistantship is a 9-month appointment and involves approximately 9 hours of laboratory instruction per week plus additional time in preparation and grading. The assistantship entails a tuition waiver for up to 9 credit hours per semester. Decisions on awarding assistantships are typically made February–April for appointments to commence the following September. Awards are also made at other times as openings occur.

Research Assistantships

Individual faculty members in the School may have Research Assistantships funded through research grants. A Research Assistantship is expected to entail half-time commitment to assisting in research projects. Some grants pay tuition costs.

Other Funding Opportunities from the University of Maine

Announcements of these competitions are made in January. The School must nominate candidates for these awards. More information can be found at the Graduate School’s Funding Resources page.

Announcements of National Fellowships

Announcements of UMaine Graduate-Assistant Positions

The Graduate School posts announcements of open assistantships on the FirstClass site. Users of FirstClass can click on the folders “Academics” / “Graduate School” to see these postings.

Travel support

Funds for traveling to scientific meetings to present thesis research are available through grants from the Association of Graduate Students, the Alumni Association, the Hillborn Fund, the Hyland Fund, and, on a limited basis, the Director of the School.