School of Biology and Ecology Seminar Series

Seminars will be held on Fridays at 3:10pm in 107 Norman Smith Hall, unless otherwise specified.  Light refreshments will be served at 3:00pm.

January Events

January 25:

School of Biology and Ecology Faculty Lightning Talks with Jacquelyn Gill, Hamish Greig, Amanda Klemmer, Kate Ruskin, and Brian Olsen.

February Events

February 1:

Resistance mechanisms used by moose against the winter tick, and their implications toward potential biological control with Dr. Jay Yoder, Cam Dobrotka, Kelli Fisher, and Ben Rodell from the Wittenberg University.  Hosted by Pauline Kamath.

February 8:

Discussion on Maine’s Climate and Data Tools with Dr. Sean Birkel from the Climate Change Institute from the University of Maine.  Hosted by Jacquelyn Gill.

February 15:

Patterns of Change in Arctic lakes of western Greenland with Dr. Robert Northington from Husson University.  Hosted by the SBE Graduate Organization.

February 22:

Climate change and plant range shifts: a role for “assisted migration” in the forests of eastern US with Dr. Jesse Bellemare of Smith College.  Hosted by Jacquelyn Gill.

March Events

March 1:

Is that rock pile breathing?  Climates, vegetation composition and population genetics in low-elevation alpine plant communities in northern Maine with Dr. Peter Nelson of the University of Maine Fort Kent.  Hosted by Dudu Meireles.

March 8:

Viewing food chains from the middle-out: how anti-predator responses affect top-down and bottom-up processes with Dr. Catherine Matassa of UConn-Avery Point.  Hosted by Hannah Webber.

March 15:

Floral determination and cantaloupe breeding: being fruitful at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution with Dr. Liza Conrad of Eckerd College.  Hosted by Han Tan.

March 29:

Comparative genomics as a tool for conserving biodiversity with Dr. Diane Genereux from the Broad Institute.  Hosted by Danielle Levesque.

April Events

April 5:

A tale of two Lepidoptera: genomic changes accompanying the spread of Bt crops in the agricultural landscape with Dr. Megan Fritz of the University of Maryland.  Hosted by Allie Gardner.

April 12:

Is climatic variation the key to understanding climate change vulnerability? with Chris Nadeau of the University of Connecticut.  Hosted by Kate Ruskin.

April 19:

Is biotechnology key to ecological restoration? with Dr. Allison Oakes of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  Hosted by Han Tan.

April 26:

Animal personalities and behavioral syndromes with Dr. Andrew Sih.  Hosted by the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology.

May Events

May 3:

What?  I’m not good enough for you?, but you like the milkman!…the strange reproductive biology of the Wild blueberry plant and a few other tales with Dr. Frank Drummond from the University of Maine.