Seminar Series

Thank you for a fantastic spring ’21 seminar season! See you this fall!


These were the seminar guest speakers this past spring. Please visit their websites for more information about them and their work:

Feb. 5:  Dr. Chelsea Little, Simon Fraser University (Host: Kate Ruskin)
Biodiversity, animal movement, and ecosystem function in meta-ecosystems

Chelsea Little








Feb. 12: 
Dr. Seanna Annis, University of Maine
Research into the fascinating fungal pathogens of wild blueberry

Seanna foliage pics







Feb. 19:  Dr. Walter Jetz, Yale University (Host: Dudu Meireles)
Scaling from single individuals and species to global biodiversity dynamics

Bird image for Jetz seminar







Mar. 5:  Dr. Shawn Leroux, Memorial University of Newfoundland  (Host: Amanda Klemmer)
Animals and the zoogeochemistry of elemental cycling in local and meta-ecosystem

Moose in landscape for Leroux seminar






Mar. 12:  Dr. Gerald B. Downes, University of Massachusetts – Amherst  (Host: Jared Talbot)
From Swimming to Seizures: Investigating Locomotor Behavior and Epilepsy in Developing Zebrafish

Gerald Downes









Mar. 19:  Dr. Kenneth Raffa, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Host: Angela Mech)
Constraints and Drivers of Bark Beetle Outbreaks in a Changing Landscape: Conifer Defense, Beetle Behavior, and Factors that Tilt the Balance

Insects and vegetation images for Raffa seminar








Apr. 2: Dr. Marie Šabacká, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic (Host: Vendy Hazuková and SBE GO)
Life in Ice and Snow









Apr. 9: Carl Zimmer, Science Author and NYT Columnist, Co-Sponsored with UMaine Institute of Medicine (Host: Dudu Meireles)
A Planet of Viruses

Carl Zimmer

A Planet of Viruses book cover 3rd edition









Apr. 16:  Dr. Seeta Sistla, California Polytechnic State University (Host: Jacquelyn Gill)
Ecological feedbacks to global change: a terrestrial ecosystems perspective

Seeta Sistla








pr. 23:  Dr. Catherine Hulshof, Virginia Commonwealth University (Host: Danielle Levesque)
Beyond Big Data: What is the next scientific revolution?

Catherine Hulshof

NASA photo of Earth
(NASA file photo)