Seminar Series

Irv Kornfield Speaking at a Seminar

School of Biology and Ecology Seminar Series
Spring 2016

Seminars will be held on Fridays at 3:10 pm in 102 Murray Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Light refreshments served at 3pm.

Jan. 22             SBE Faculty Research Showcase

(Host: Hamish Greig)

Jan. 29             Dr. Tim Farkas, University of Connecticut, “Community consequences of rapid evolution in the stick insect.”

(Host: Mike Kinnison)

Feb. 1*            Dr. Jose Herrera, Western New Mexico University, “Summiting the academic mountain: The challenges of first-generation college students.”

(Host: Michelle Smith; Cosponsored by the RiSE Center)      *3-4pm, 165 Barrows Hall

Feb. 5              Dr. Virginie Millien, McGill University, “Zoonotic diseases, biodiversity and climate change: Pattern of emergence of Lyme disease in Southern Quebec.”

(Host: Brian McGill)

Feb. 12            Dr. Stephen Heard, University of New Brunswick, “The evolution of herbivore impact in novel insect-plant associations.”

(Host: Brian McGill)

Feb. 19            Dr. Michelle Goody, University of Maine, “Hanging on for the ride: cell adhesion in muscle development and disease.”

(Host: Clarissa Henry)

Feb. 26            Dr. Mark Urban, University of Connecticut, “Improving the forecast for biodiversity under climate change.”

(Host: Mike Kinnison)

Mar. 4              Dr. Karen Pelletreau, University of Maine, “Facilitation, collaboration and improved student learning: working across universities towards a common goal.”

(Host: Michelle Smith)

Mar. 25            Dr. Michael Polito, Louisiana State University, “Penguins past & present: what can krill predators tell us about ecosystem change in Antarctica?”

(Host: Dulcinea Groff)

Apr. 1              Dr. Josh Drew, Columbia University, “Best practices for historical ecology: using the past to prioritize the future.”

(Host: Jacquelyn Gill)

Apr. 8              Dr. Jenica Allen, University of New Hampshire “Native and invasive plant demography, phenology, and range responses to climate and land use change.”

(Host: Jacquelyn Gill)

Apr. 15            Dr. Kathleen Hunt, New England Aquarium, “Challenges of managing stress in marine mammals.”

(Host: Rebecca Holberton)

Apr. 22            Dr. Bryan Shuman, University of Wyoming, “Multivariate climate change, the climate niche, and the holocene history of Eastern Hemlock.”

(Host: Jacquelyn Gill)

Apr. 29            Dr. Jarrett Byrnes, Boston University, Global change in marine ecosystems: from foundation species to biodiversity.”

(Host: Hamish Greig)

May 6              Dr. Kate Smith, Brown University, ” Global change and disease: lessons from the macroscope.”


* Note: 3-4 pm, 165 Barrows Hall