Seminar Series

School of Biology and Ecology Seminar Series

Fall 2020

All Fall 2020 seminars will be presented via Zoom at 2 p.m. Fridays on the dates indicated below. Please email for Zoom link information.

Sep. 11:  Dr. Andy Rominger, University of Maine
Here from there and here to somewhere: Inferring ecological and evolutionary process in a messy world (with some personal narrative)

Andy Rominger chart for Seminar on Sep 11 2020









Sep. 18:  Dr. Gage Crump, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine (Host: Jared Talbot)
Using single-cell genomics to inform the evolutionary origin of vertebrate novelties

Gage Crump

image of organism for Gage Crump seminar









Sep. 25:  No seminar – SBE Dept Meeting

Oct. 2:  Dr. Christopher Field, Rutgers University (Host: Kate Ruskin)
Coastal and Quantitative Ecology of Tidal Marsh Sparrows

Oct. 9:   Dr. April DeLaurier, University of South Carolina Aiken
Understanding the role of Hdacs in patterning the zebrafish jaw skeleton

Diagram of Danio (Neopterygian)

Fish for DeLaurier seminar









Oct. 16:   Dr. Lisa Maves, Seattle Children’s Hospital (Host: Jared Talbot)Epigenetic small molecule approaches for understanding DMD mechanisms and therapies

Lisa Maves

DMD expression for Maves seminar








Oct. 23:  Dr. Mike Kaspari, University of Oklahoma (Host: Brian McGill)
Grasshoppers, Ants and Vials Full of Slugs: Notes from the Insect Apocalypse

Mike Kaspari in the field







Oct. 30: No seminar – SBE Dept Meeting

Nov. 6: Dr. Jenn Rudgers, University of New Mexico (Host: Andy Rominger)
Understanding Climate Variability at Dryland Ecotones

Jenn Rudgers in the field







Nov. 13: Dr. Katie Marshall, University of British Columbia (Host: Danielle Levesque)
Mechanisms of plasticity in invertebrate cold tolerance at the local and continental scale

Katie Marshall chart 3 for seminar talk Katie Marshall chart 4 for seminar talk









Nov. 20: Dr. Jim Polashock, USDA-ARS in New Jersey (Host: Seanna Annis)
Using Next-generation Sequencing for Pathogen Discovery and Rhizosphere Microbiome Exploration in Blueberry

Jim Polashok Polashok talk - Ultra Tubes









Nov. 27: No seminar – Thanksgiving

Dec. 4:  What worked this term? SBE group discussion on teaching during the second term of COVID-19

Dec. 11: Dr. Kevin Burgio, Environment and Climate Change Canada and the University of Connecticut (Host: Jacquelyn Gill)

Dec. 19: No seminar – SBE Dept Meeting