Seminar Series

School of Biology and Ecology Seminar Series

Spring 2018

Seminars will be held on Fridays at 3:10 pm in 107 Norman Smith Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Light refreshments served at 3:00 pm.

Jan. 26             Dr. Katie Glover, University of Maine (Host: Jacquelyn Gill)

“Summit-to-Sea Clues for Southern California’s Ice Age Climate and Vegetation”

Feb. 2              Dr. Paula Mouser, University of New Hampshire (Host: Farahad Dastoor)

“Biodegradation of Organic Compounds in the Hydraulically Fractured Shale Ecosystem”

Feb. 9              Leehi Yona, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (Host: SBE GO)

“The Intersection of Science, Policy, and Activism”

Feb. 16          Dr. Tom Davis, University of New Hampshire (Host: Han Tan)

“The Development and Application of Genomic Resources for Polyploid Crops”

Feb. 23            Dr. Lindy Thompson, University of KwaZulu-Natal (Host: Danielle Levesque)

“Ecology of the Hooded Vulture in the Kruger-to-Canyons Biosphere Reserve, South Africa.”

Mar. 2             Dr. Lucy Liaw, Maine Medical Center Research Institute (Host: Kristy Townsend)

                     “Perivascular Adipose Tissue and the Vascular Microenvironment

Mar. 9           Dr. Michael Ceballos, University of Arkansas, (Host: Danielle Levesque)

                     “Jack of All Trades, Master of One: Diversity Challenges in the Professoriate.”

Mar. 23           Dr. Kristen O’Connell, University of Maine, (Host: Kristy Townsend)

Title to be announced

Mar. 30           Dr. Jeff Garnas, University of New Hampshire (Host: Frank Drummond)

“Ecology and Evolution of Globally Distributed Insects and Microbes in an Interconnected World”

Apr. 6              SBE Undergrads (Host: SBE Faculty)

Undergraduate Research Showcase

Apr. 13            Dr. Pete McHugh, University of Vermont (Host: Hamish Greig)

“Linking Models Across Scales to Inform Salmonid Habitat Restoration in the Columbia River Basin”

Apr. 20          Dr. Mark Vellend, Université de Sherbrooke (Host: Jacquelyn Gill)

“Non-climatic constraints on geographic range shifts under climate warming”

Apr. 27            Dr. Scott Williams, Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station (Host: Allie Gardner)

“Tick-borne Disease Ecology: Concerns for Forest and Public Health Alike”

May 4           Dr. Jessica Trout-Hany, Dartmouth (Host: Robert Northington)

“Cyanotoxins in the Arctic: transfer of cyanotoxins in Greenlandic lake and riparian food webs”