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Welcome to the School of Biology and Ecology

Andrei AlyokhinRead the welcome from Andrei Alyokhin, Director of the School of Biology and Ecology.


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Faculty Positions Available

Four faculty positions available in the emerging focus area of Changing Ecosystems and Climate: Impact on Animal, Plant, and Human Health

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Undergraduate Opportunities

Graduate Opportunities

About SBE

The School of Biology and Ecology was formed in 2007 as a central home for research and teaching programs in organismal biology and ecology at the University of Maine. Our programs span biology in both scale (cellular to global) and discipline (developmental biology to ecology and biogeochemistry).

The School of Biology and Ecology serves the following goals:

Goal 1: Enhance Integrative Studies in Biology;
Goal 2: Serve a Central Mission of Biology: the Study of Organisms;
Goal 3: Serve as a Center of Excellence in Ecology.

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