Appointment to the Graduate Faculty

Appointment to the Graduate Faculty of the School of Biology and Ecology is appropriate for 1) scientists who could serve on advisory committees of graduate students in the School, 2) scientists who have a research specialty that would complement School research programs and to whom a faculty member of the School of Biology and Ecology wishes to link, or 3) scientists who are members of an institution to which the Biology and Ecology Graduate Faculty wishes to build associations.

Appointment to the Graduate Faculty in the School of Biology and Ecology requires that the following criteria be met:

1. The appointee holds an earned doctorate in a science.

2. The appointee demonstrates scholarly productivity, especially in publication of original research. Quality of publications (rather than number) over the preceding five-year period is the prime consideration in the decision to recommend appointment or re-appointment to the Graduate Faculty. Typically, such publications should have been refereed by peers who review for the publishers, as, for example, in the case of scientific periodicals and books. Scholarly quality of multimedia productions, films, CDs, and technical manuals can also be applied to the decision.

3. The appointee will be available to faculty and graduate students for consultation and active participation in graduate-student committees.

Nomination for appointment to the Graduate Faculty should be made to the Graduate Committee of the School by a faculty member of the School. The form for appointment and reappointment to the graduate faculty, called a Record-of-Qualification form, is available from the Graduate School and from the Graduate Coordinator. Appointment/reappointment is for a period of five years.