Health Professions Career Day 2013

On April 5, 2013 the University of Maine Career Center hosted the 4th annual Health Professions Career Day, which highlighted a variety of different professionals in the medical field.  This event gave students the opportunity to learn about their prospective career and how the pre-med concentration at Umaine can prepare students for their future.

 “Most students come in and say “well I want to be a doctor, I want to be a dentist”, and that might be all they really know…they may not have a very good understanding of what those occupations are about…we want students that are interested in health care, to stay in health care” says Crisanne Blackie, the health and legal professions career specialist at the University of Maine.

The pre-med concentration is intended for students preparing for a career in medicine or one of the other health professions (dentistry, optometry, osteopathy, physician assistant, pharmacy, podiatry, veterinary medicine and other health-related fields). In addition to the required science and mathematics courses, the concentration also includes general education courses that are desired by many medical schools as well as graduate programs. The concentration allows for considerable choice in courses and provides valuable guidance to students and their advisors with regard to course selection in their major and in general education requirements.

Scott Merrill, sophomore SBE student studying biology, describes how the University of Maine has helped to prepare him for Medical school. “The one that has obviously helped me the most is Crisanne Blackie, who has been guiding me through the process making sure I stay on track step by step with the plan that I have, and making sure I take full advantage of as many opportunity’s as possible.”

The opening session for the day was a presentation by Dr. Samer Sbayi, a laparoscopic and general surgeon practicing at Penobscot Valley Hospital in Lincoln, Maine.  This provided students with a real life look into what it is like being a doctor, as well as the necessary steps Dr. Sbayi took to get where she is in her career.

After a complimentary lunch, Dr. Brenda Joly spoke on the topic of public health.  Dr. Joly is an Associate Research Professor in the Master of Public Health Program at the University of Southern Maine.  Her presentation focused on the idea of public health, and how the public health system can do better at reducing premature death and chronic illnesses in the United States.  She also discussed the opportunities available if a person were to choose a career in Public Health.

Next, students had the opportunity to meet with different health care professionals and representatives from graduate school programs in small groups.   The students had the opportunity to choose which guest they got to speak with and ask questions about the field.  Guests included physician’s assistants, DO students, pharmacy students, Dentists, and representatives from National Health Service Corps, Husson University School of Pharmacy representatives, Logan chiropractic, UNE Osteopathic Medicine, and USM’s Master in Public Health program.  These representatives provided students with great real-life perspectives of what it is like to work in these areas of Medicine.

For more information on The University of Maine Pre-Medical Concentration contact Crisanne Blackie, the Umaine Pre-Med advisor, or visit her office in the Career Center located in the Union. Thank-you to all the presenters, and we wish all the pre-med students the best of luck with their future studies.  To view the requirements for the Pre-med Concentration please click here.