Concentration in Pre-Medical Studies

This concentration is intended for students preparing for a career in medicine or one of the other health professions (dentistry, optometry, osteopathy, physician assistant, pharmacy, podiatry, veterinary medicine and other health-related fields). Students completing this concentration will be fully prepared for advanced studies in these fields. In addition to the required science and mathematics courses, the concentration also includes general education courses that are desired by many medical schools. The concentration allows for considerable choice in courses and provides valuable guidance to students and their advisors with regard to course selection in their major and in general education requirements.

Requirements for the concentration

Students in the pre-medical studies concentration must meet all of the requirements for the BIO-BS or the ZOL-BS.

Specific requirements:

Affiliated Sciences and Math

Choose CHY 251-254 to meet the organic chemistry requirement.

Area I. Cell and molecular biology

Choose at least one of the following courses:
If only one course is chosen, it must be BMB 280 or BIO 480.

  • BIO 336 – Developmental Biology Credits: 4
  • BIO 480 – Cell Biology Credits: 3
  • BIO 483 – Cell Biology Laboratory Credits: 1
  • BMB 280 – Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Credits: 3
  • BMB 300 – General Microbiology Credits: 3
  • BMB 305 – General Microbiology Laboratory Credits: 2

Area II. Genetics

  • BIO 350 Concepts and Applications of Genetics (3 cr)

Area III. Physiology

Choose at least one of these courses:

  • BIO 377 – Medical Physiology Credits: 3
  • BIO 378 – Medical Physiology Laboratory Credits: 2
  • BIO 480 – Cell Biology Credits: 3
  • BIO 483 – Cell Biology Laboratory Credits: 1
  • BMB 440 – Introductory Immunology Credits: 3
  • BMB 441 – Introductory Immunology Laboratory Credits: 1

Area IV. Biodiversity

Choose at least one of these courses:

  • BIO 329 – Vertebrate Biology Credits: 3
  • BIO 335 – Human Anatomy Credits: 4

Area V. Ecology and Behavior

Free choice among the Area V courses in the BIO-BS curriculum.


Choose one of these courses:

  • BIO 388 – Research Capstone in Biology Credits: 1-3
  • BIO 438 – Morphogenesis in Development and Disease Credits: 3
  • BIO 450 – Histology Credits: 4
  • HON 499 – Honors Thesis Credits: 3

Other required courses

  • BMB 322 – Biochemistry Credits: 3
  • with
  • BMB 323 – Biochemistry Laboratory1 Credits: 2 
  • PSY 100 – General Psychology2 Credits: 3
  • SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology2 Credits: 3
  • ENG 212 – Persuasive and Analytical Writing3 Credits: 3
  • Literature course: An English literature course at the 200 level or above4
  • PHI 235 – Biomedical Ethics5 Credits: 3
  • Footnotes:
  • 1Required by medical schools. If CHY 251-254 have been completed, BMB 323 can count as one of the four labs required in Areas I-V.2Satisfies general education Social Contexts and Institutions.3Satisfies general education Writing Intensive, not required for students completing HON 211 and HON 212.

    4Satisfies a general education area depending on the course chosen. Not required for students completing HON 211 and 212.

    5Satisfies general education requirements for Ethics, Western Cultural Tradition, and Social Contexts and Institutions.

Recommended courses

  • INT 200 – (SBE) Orientation to Health Professions Credits: 4
  • BIO 208 – Anatomy and Physiology Credits: 4


a. Inclusion of BIO 480, Cell Biology, is highly recommended. This course can only count in one area.

b. Physician assistant and pharmacy schools require two semesters of anatomy and physiology. This requirement can be met by combining BIO 208, Anatomy and Physiology, and BIO 377, 378 Medical physiology and lab OR by combining BIO 335, Human Anatomy, and BIO 377, 378 Medical physiology and lab. Check with the Health Professions Specialist for details of the program you want to pursue.

c. Students pursuing this concentration may want to consider a minor in Neuroscience, Chemistry, Psychology, or Business.