Where Are They Now: Matt Cronan

Matthew CronanMatt Cronan, who graduated from SBE in 2011, is now pursuing Dental School at Tufts University. Although a very different type of education, he feels it is a great continuation of his scientific foundation obtained at UMaine. He applied to Dental school having a strong passion for the sciences that he gained as a freshman. “My experiences in SBE’s courses including BIO 100, BIO 200 and Histology inspired me to pursue a medical career where I might apply some of my knowledge of basic sciences to patient care,” he said.

Now at Tufts, he experiences real life dental settings, mainly drilling on a set of typodent teeth. “We began practicing drilling on plastic teeth the second day of school. At first the techniques seemed impossible as everything was done in a mannequin’s mouth. Learning to control the drill and position yourself so that you could properly see your work both took some work. Many practice teeth and hours later, I feel very comfortable with my operative technique and it feels like a fun art in a way,” he explained.

In addition to clinical training, Cronan attends general science courses such as Gross Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroanatomy, and Biochemistry. Cronan recognizes the importance of general classes as well as fieldwork in order to receive a complete and rewarding education, both at Tufts and while he was at UMaine. “I have always supported a well-rounded education and feel that SBE provided me with a diversity of experiences including classroom, lab, and field learning, and internship opportunities that I received at Mount Desert Island Biological Lab,” he explained.

While he was at UMaine, Cronan was in the Honors College and received the SBE Academic Senior Award. He now lives in Downtown Boston, Mass. Best wishes to Matt Cronan as he continues his dental studies.