SBE’s Fall 2021 Seminar Series starts on Friday, September 3

After a year of Zoom-only seminars, for Fall 2021 we are returning to in-person seminars in 102 Murray Hall. Join us at 2 pm on Friday, September 3, for Newbie Faculty Narratives! SBE’s newer faculty members (those who’ve joined us since 2019) will give brief talks. Featuring Angela Mech, Dudu Meireles, Matt Chatfield, Erin Grey, […]

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Read the Report on UMaine’s Browntail Moth Research

The browntail moth has become a very serious problem for many communities in southern, midcoast and central Maine over the past several years as this insect has reached populations levels that we have not seen in 80 to 100 years. Researchers at the University of Maine have teamed up with entomologists in the Maine State […]

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SBE’s Spring Seminar Series to feature science author Carl Zimmer

SBE hosts a weekly seminar series throughout the academic year, and this year we have continued to do so, despite COVID-19. This semester features a special guest speaker, famed science author Carl Zimmer, co-sponsored by the UMaine Institute of Medicine. Carl Zimmer will be speaking via Zoom on April 9 at 2 pm. For Zoom […]

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