José Eduardo (Dudu) Meireles

Assistant Professor of Plant Evolution and Systematics

Degree: Ph.D. 2014 Duke University
Phone: (207) 581-2529
Office: 347 Hitchner Hall
Lab: Meireles Lab, 368 Hitchner Hall
Herbarium: UMaine Herbarium, 2 Winslow Hall
We are interested in uncovering the plant tree of life, understanding why plants are where they are, and using remote sensing to assess plant biodiversity.”

Research Topic:
Plant phylogenetics, population genetics, biogeography, macroevolution, and evolutionary ecology

Research Program: I am interested in understanding how plant diversity arises and is maintained in face of environmental variability across space and time. My research focuses on three core areas and their interface: 1) uncovering the evolutionary relationships among species and populations using molecular tools, 2) understanding the spatial distribution of plant taxonomic and genetic diversity across scales, and 3) inferring the evolution of plant function.