Brian McGill

Brian McGill

Professor of Biological Science, joint appointment Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions

Degree: Ph.D. 2003 University of Arizona
Phone: 207.581.2680
Location: 303 Deering Hall

Research Topic:
Large scale ecology and global change

Research Program:
I study questions pertaining to biodiversity at large scales – large areas of space, long periods of time, many species. These questions have been deemphasized in ecology due to the difficulty in doing experiments, but are of high relevance to conservation and management questions. I have two broad research questions. One is developing the ability to predict how species ranges will respond to climate change. The other is finding ways to measure the impact of humans (especially land cover change) on community structure.

Magurran, Anne and Brian J. McGill co-editors of “Biological diversity: frontiers in measurement and assessment” Oxford University Press

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