Jody Jellison

Jody JellisonProfessor of Molecular Plant Pathology, Cooperating Professor of Forest Biology, Cooperating Professor of Microbiology

Degree: Ph.D. 1983 Oregon State University

Research Topic:
Biochemical characterization of wood decay; metal metabolism in fungi; fungal physiology; bioremediation

Research Program:Our current research focuses on the biodegradation of woody plant cell walls by brown- and white-rot fungi. Areas of interest include: Free radical production in biological systems, monoclonal antibody production to extracellular enzymes; siderophore production by fungi; the role of transition metals in biodegradation and fungal metabolism; immunodetection of plant pathogens; electron microscopy; cation mobilization and fungal colonization; PCR detection of degradative fungi; cation translocation by fungi in the forest ecosystem and fungal bioremediation of toxic materials.