Jianjun (Jay) Hao

Jianjun HaoAssociate Professor of Plant Pathology
School of Food and Agriculture
174 Hitchner Hall

Degree: Ph.D, University of California, Davis, 2000

Research Topic: Plant disease epidemiology; Disease management using chemical and non-chemical strategies; Biological control; Fungicide resistance; Soil microbial communities and plant health; molecular communications of pathogen-pathogen and pathogen-host.

Overview of Research: Plant diseases have threatened worldwide agricultural production, and the associated economic losses often have been catastrophic. After decades of battles with plant pathogens, we have learned that chemicals are not the ultimate answer for disease control. In fact they have caused even more problems such as environmental pollution, chemical resistance in pathogens, and human health issues. My research interests are to 1) Determine the taxonomy of soilborne pathogen at species subspecies or race levels in order to provide critic information for disease management and variety breeding; 2) Enhance plant health by deciphering and manipulating soil microbial communities in systems such as crop rotation, cover corps, soil amendment, and other cultural practices; 3) Discover and develop biomaterials, including biological control microorganisms and other biologically derived products to manage plant disease; 4) Study the fungicide resistance in major plant pathogens using genetic and biological tools; and 5) Determine the mechanisms and ecological function of cell-cell communication (quorum sensing like activities) among plant pathogen, between pathogen and host, and between pathogen and other microorganisms.

Representative Publications:
Ninh, H. T., Grandy, S., Wickings, K., Snap, S. S., Kirk, W., and Hao, J. 2014. Organic amendment effects on potato productivity and quality are related to soil microbial activity. Plant and Soil 386:223–236.

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