Amanda Klemmer

Assistant Professor of Landscape Ecology

Degree: Ph.D. 2015 University of Canterbury
Phone: 207-581-4513
Website: The Klemmer Lab
Location: 211 Deering

Research Topic: Food webs, aquatic/terrestrial connections, cross-ecosystem subsidies, invertebrate communities

Research Program:
My research involves studying food-web interactions, often across ecosystem boundaries. More specifically, I investigate how changes in resources and predators alters bottom-up and top-down food-web interactions. Often, the resources altering the food webs originate from closely linked ecosystems, for example terrestrial leaves altering aquatic invertebrates or emerging aquatic insects affecting terrestrial birds. My study systems include, but are not limited to: forest-freshwater connections in inland Maine, rockweed food webs in the rocky-intertidal of Maine, and pond-terrestrial food webs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.