Angela Mech giving talk at the Mitchell Center on Monday April 1: The Menacing Moth of Maine: Understanding browntail moth and their outbreaks

Angela Mech will be giving a talk on Monday, April 1 at the Mitchell Center in Norman Smith Hall: “The Menacing Moth of Maine: Understanding browntail moth and their outbreaks”

Since 2015, the browntail moth outbreak in Maine has left residents and visitors alike itching for a solution. Despite its presence in Maine for over a century, various changes, including shifts in climate, policies, and management practices, have rendered this outbreak uniquely challenging. Learn not only about the history and ecology of this tree pest, but also the research being conducted to help find a solution for this irritating insect.

Angela Mech is an Assistant Professor of Forest Entomology in the School of Biology and Ecology at the University of Maine. She has spent over a decade researching ways to keep our trees and forests healthy, and since her arrival to Maine in 2020, has focused the bulk of her research program on ways to monitor and manage browntail moth. To request a reasonable accommodation, contact Ruth Hallsworth, 207.581.3196 or

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