New Tick Research Project in Maine

ITCH is a new community science tick project taking place across New England. Researchers at the University of Maine are seeking Maine residents to take part in an online survey regarding attitudes and practices about ticks on their properties.  We are also seeking Penobscot County residents willing to let researchers collect ticks on their properties during summer 2023. We plan to sample properties that do not currently practice any tick control (future years will include properties that do practice tick control). Individuals interested in having their properties sampled for ticks can fill out the same survey to indicate their interest, though signing up does not guarantee we will be able to include your property. Please fill out the short survey in its entirety to be considered.  The collected information will help researchers better understand what homeowners can do to reduce tick populations on their properties. For more information, and to fill out the survey, please visit:

For questions, contact Elissa Ballman, Senior Research Associate, at