SBE 2019 Holiday Party Ornament Contest

SBE Holiday Tree 2019

Three creative ornament contest entries graced this year’s SBE Holiday Tree in Murray Hall. Entries had to be created only out of materials available in each team’s lab. Danielle Levesque’s lab had the winning ornament with their flying squirrel trap. They also put a homemade flying squirrel sugar cookie on the tree. This one was not decorated with crickets, as some of the cookies were for class!

Flying squirrel trap holiday ornament          Flying squirrel sugar cookie

The two other entries had creative uses of lab materials. Jared Talbot’s lab entered a Sarcomeres ornament, while Han Tan’s lab put together a reindeer and sleigh full of presents.

Sarcomeres holiday ornament          Reindeer and sleigh ornament

Thanks to everyone who participated! Happy holidays to all!