Farahad Dastoor receives the 2017 NSFA Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr. Farahad Dastoor is this year’s recipient of the NSFA Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Dastoor is a primary instructor for the introductory Biology sequence, BIO 100 and BIO 200. BIO 100 is one of the foundational courses at the College of Natural Sciences, Food, and Agriculture. Taken annually by close to 900 students, it is required for 11 majors within our college. It is also taken by Chemistry students with Pre-Med and Pre-Pharmacy concentrations, as well as by many Psychology majors. Commonly, students take BIO 100 during their first semester while still transitioning to college life. BIO 200 is somewhat smaller, serving “only” 250-300 students and required for nine different majors.

Managing such classes is no small undertaking. Despite the challenge, Dr. Dastoor invariably does it with distinction. He is always keen to employ the latest pedagogical methods, many of which are developed with his input. He is a co-author of several scientific publications on improving efficiency of teaching science, and an expert on using active learning techniques in large classrooms. Dr. Dastoor is also very good at using technology in the classroom, including online delivery of course materials.