2015 SBE Awards Ceremony

The School of Biology & Ecology recognized distinguished undergraduate and graduate students at the Seventh Annual Recognition Ceremony on April 22 in Murray Hall.  Congratulations to all award winners!


School of Biology & Ecology

Student Awards, Prizes, and Scholarships



SBE Academic Awards

Highest GPA in a major within the School

First Year

Juliana S. Bilodeau

Jackson R. Foley

Taylor R. Ouellette

Callie Greco


Haley K. Netherton

Cordell R. Beaton


Elizabeth E. Wood

Victoria L. Gagnon


Eric M. Veitch


School of Biology & Ecology

Academic Achievement Award

Awarded to the graduating senior having the highest GPA

James M. Poulin

Richard C. Wadsworth Annual Memorial Prize

Awarded to the highest-ranking junior or senior enrolled in the MLS program

Kaitlyn T. Smith

Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates Medical Technology Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding MLS student who attended a Maine High School

Shotaro Takahashi

Frank H. Lathrop Scholarship

Awarded to high-achieving juniors and continuing seniors
who are Maine residents majoring in Biological Sciences

Sadie A. Wight

Kerry A. Cummings

Helen E. Call


Wayland A. Shands Scholarship Fund

Awarded to a student of Entomology with high academic standing

Molly J. Picillo


Auburn E. and Lurana C. Brower Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding junior with an interest in Entomology

Zachary S. Beaudry


Fay Hyland-Hilborn Prize in Plant Biology 

Lee Beers


Graduate Prize in Animal Biology 

Tricia Van Kirk


Edith M. Patch – Frank H. Lathrop

Prize in Entomology

Eric Venturini

Kaitlyn O’Donnell


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Eric Doucette


SBE Graduate Student Travel Award

Adrienne Leppold

Erika Lyon


College of Natural Sciences,

Forestry, and Agriculture


Wallace C. and Janet C. Dunham Prize

Awarded to an undergraduate student who has overcome adversity
to achieve personal growth and academic success

 Stephanie L. Wood

Norris Charles Clements Graduate Student Award

Kaitlyn O’Donnell