School of Biology and Ecology Spring 2015 Seminar Series Schedule

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Seminars will be held on Fridays at 3:10 pm in Murray Hall, Room 102 unless otherwise noted.  Light refreshments served at 3:00 pm.


Jan. 16:     Dr. Mindi Summers, University of Maine, “Untangling the evolutionary history of a marine symbiosis: Diversity and relationships among crinoids and myzostomes”
Hosted by: Dr. Smith

Jan. 23:  Dr. Xiao Xiao, University of Maine, “Process and constraints-based approaches for macro ecological patterns.”
Hosted by: Brian McGill

Jan. 30: Biological Assessment Exercise: Questions, answers, and discussion of evolution and ecology.
Hosted by: Michelle Smith

Feb. 6:   Dr. Hadley Horch, Bowdoin College, “He said, She Said: Sexually dimorphic responses to injury in the auditory system of the cricket”
Hosted by: Kristy Townsend

Feb. 13:  Dr. Nishi Rajakaruni, College of the Atlantic, “Serpentine: A model habitat for evolutionary studies” 
Hosted by: Dulcinea Groff

Feb. 20:  Dr. Jim Mead, East Tennessee State University, “The Gray fossil Site; a Late Miocene Sub-Tropical Forest in the Appalachians of Tennessee”
Hosted by: Jeff Martin; Cosponsor: CCI

Feb. 27:  Dr. Karen James, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, “Combining citizen science and DNA-assisted species identification to enable “a new kind of ecology”.
Hosted by: Jacquelyn Gill

Mar. 20:  Dr. Sandra de Urioste-Stone, School of Forest Resources, University of Maine, “Stakeholder perceptions on vulnerability and adaptive capacity of tourism destinations to climate change in Maine.”
Hosted by: Ben Seliger

Mar. 27:  Dr. Line Lapointe, Université Laval, Canada, “Physiological control of some plant traits that impede cultivation”
Hosted by: Dr. Drummond and Alex Bajcz

Apr. 3:  Dr. Katie Hinde, Harvard University, “Mother’s Milk: Food, Medicine and Signal.”
Hosted by: Jacquelyn Gill

Apr. 10:  Dr. Claudio Gratton, University of Wisconsin-Madison, TBA.
Hosted by: Hamish Greig

Apr. 17:  Amanda Klemmer (PhD Candidate), University of Canterbury, New Zealand, “Breaking through ecosystem boundaries: cross-ecosystem subsidies alter food webs and interactions.
Hosted by: Dr. Greig

Apr. 24:  Dr. John Hawks, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “New developments in modern human origins.”
Hosted by: Jacquelyn Gill; co-sponsor Anthropology

May 1:  Dr. Meghan Duffy, University of Michigan, “Infectious diseases and food webs: links between Daphnia, parasites, and the larger food web.”
Hosted by: Dr. McGill