SBE Seminar Series Schedule!

Seminars will be held on Fridays at 3:10 pm in Murray Hall, Room 102 unless otherwise noted.  Light refreshments will be served at 3:00 pm.


School of Biology and Ecology Spring 2014 Seminar Series Schedule

Jan. 17:  Andrea Nurse, M.S., Climate Change Institute, “Cypripedium arietinum: Challenges for rare plant conservation in a changing climate.”

(Host Dr. Gill)

Jan. 24:  Dr. Daniel Linden, Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, “State-space models in wildlife research.”

(Host Dr. McKinney)

Jan. 31:  Dr. Robert Northington, Climate Change Institute, “Linkages across ecosystems: contemporary changes and implications for the future.”

(Host Dr. Saros)

Feb. 6: Dr. Kristy Townsend, Harvard MEdical School, “Central regulation of appetite and energy expenditure by the bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPS)

(Host Dr. Tyler)

Feb. 14:  Dr. Anne Hershey, UNC-Greensboro, “Methanogenesis, methane oxidation, and consumer use of methane-derived carbon in arctic Alaskan Lakes.”
(Host Drs. Northington and Saros; Cosponsors: CCI)

Feb. 21:  Dr. Chuck Lubelczyk, Maine Medical Center Research Institute, “Ecology of vector-borne diseases.”

(Host Drs. Litchenwalner and Groden; Cosponsors: SFR, NSFA)

Feb. 26*:  Dr. Alison Dibble, University of Maine, “Plant Conservation: Extreme measures and backyard efforts.”

(Host Dr. Campbell). *DATE AND TIME CHANGE: Wed. Feb. 26 at 3pm.

Mar. 21:  Dr. Dina Fonseca, Rutgers University, “What makes a mosquito invasive?’

(Host Dr. Groden; Cosponsors: EES, NSFA)

Mar. 28:  Dr. Denise Bruesewitz, Colby College, “Nitrogen cycling along a subtropical river- estuary continuum: Response to flood and drought.”

(Host Dr. Greig)

Apr. 4:  Dr. Ashley Helton, University of Connecticut, “Biogeochemical regime shifts in coastal landscapes: Effects of saltwater incursion and agricultural pollution on freshwater wetland ecosystems.”
(Host Dr. Capps)

Apr. 11:  Dr. Rebecca Rowe, University of New Hampshire, ” Small mammal responses to environmental change: integrating Holocene and modern-day dynamics.”

(Host Dr. Gill)

Apr. 18:  Dr. Alison Brody, University of Vermont, “Neither fungal nor floral mutualists explain the persistence of females in a gynodioecious plant.”

(Host Dr. Drummond)

Apr. 25:  Dr. Subhabrata Sanyal, Biogen Idec, Inc., “Using Drosophila to study neurological disorders.”

(Host Dr. Dowse)

Apr. 28*:  Dr. Andrew Gonzalez, McGill University, “From science to solutions: biodiversity research for global environmental change.”

(Host Dr. McGill; Cosponsors: SSI) *DATE AND TIME CHANGE: Mon. Apr 28, Mitchell Center, Room 101, 3 pm.