SBE Affiliated Students Present at the CUGR Undergraduate Research Academic Showcase

The 2013 Undergraduate Research & Academic Showcase took place on April 16 at the Wells Conference Center.  Many students and faculty presented their research and gave oral presentations, including five students affiliated with the School of Biology & Ecology.  These four students were awarded the CUGR Fellowship Awards in the fall, and received a stipend, as well as funds to purchase equipment and supplies in order to conduct their research.

Carl Tugend, a fifth year zoology student, presented his research on The Jordan Pond Water Quality Change; his research mentor was Jasmine Saros. “My favorite part about this whole experience was how fun the field work is, and to be able to look at how things are changing in our environment is really interesting.” Explains Carl.

Rafael Garcia, a food and nutrition’s major, presented his research on the potential for the production of mycotoxins in Fungi Isolated from maple syrup.  Rafael works in Seanna Annis’s lab, and SBE professor here on campus.

Amy Michaud presented on the alteration of microflora of the insect parasitic nematode pristionchus entomophagus and its potential application as a biological control agent.  Her faculty mentor was Eleanor Groden, the School of Biology director.

Justin Lewin gave an oral presentation titled “What are They Talking about: Does Peer Discussion at the Middle School Level Lead to Learning?”  Justin is interested in Science Education Research, and is advised by Michelle Smith, a SBE Professor.

Christie M. Edwards, majoring in biology, gave a poster presentation on the Effects of Ketamine on Alcohol Withdrawal-Induced Depression. Her researched focused on the locomotor activity of alcohol withdrawn mice. Her faculty Mentor was Alan Rosenwasser.

“CUGR, The Center for Undergraduate Research, is supporting the culture of independent learning on campus. So we support all different disciplines and all different colleges, by providing them first off with an opportunity like this showcase to come and talk about their research and talk about other peoples research, as well as providing funding.” Explains Dr. Ali Abedi, director of the academic showcase.


Congratulations to all of the participants in the CUGR showcase, and best of luck in your future research!