SBE Professor Benildo de los Reyes Selected as a Mentor in the Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program

Benildo de los ReyesSBE professor Benildo de los Reyes has been selected as a mentor to a Monsanto-Beachell-Borlaug Scholar from India to work in his lab for six months on a research project that will explore allelic variation for grain phospholipase-c in wild rices. The program will provide de los Reyes with funds to support the visiting fellow from Punjab Agricultural University in India. The first time de los Reyes was selected as a mentor to a similar program was through the USDA-FAS-Borlaug International Fellowship Program in 2009. This time it is a similar fellowship but the money is from Monsanto Corporation in partnership with the Borlaug foundation and Texas A&M University. This is a very prestigious fellowship participated only by the leading schools in plant molecular biology such as University of California Davis, University of Arizona, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, and Purdue University.