Two PhD Fellowships studying Pollinator Conservation and Pollination Services by Native Bees

Two PhD Fellowships (covering a stipend, tuition, and health insurance) are available beginning either September 2011 or January 2012. The PhD candidates have the opportunity to study native bee conservation from a landscape perspective or to assess the economic value of native bees in Maine’s native crop, wild blueberry. The grant supporting this research is part of a larger interdisciplinary project that involves anthropology/sociology, economics, spatial analysis, toxicology, insect pathology, pollinator ecology and conservation biology in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Maryland. There are more than 100 species of native bees associated with wild blueberry in Maine. Please send inquiries to Dr. Frank Drummond, School of Biology and Ecology, University of Maine at:


Call Dr. Drummond at: (207) 581-2989