SBE Students Recognized at Annual Awards Ceremony

High acheiving undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Biology and Ecology were honored with a reception and awards ceremony on April 20th. Family and friends of the awardees gathered with faculty members to celebrate a variety of accomplishments.

2010-2011 SBE Undergraduate Award Winners
SBE Academic Acheivement Award
Kristopher Cooper

SBE Academic Senior Awards
Matthew Cronan
Jonathan Dumont
Andrew McIntyre
Walter Mowel

SBE Academic Junior Awards
Setha Treadwell

SBE Academic Sophomore Awards
Andrew Tomes
Margaret Varney

SBE Academic First-Year Awards
Jinlun Bai
Ani Varjabedian

Auburne E. & Lurana C. Bower Scholarship
Wade Turmel

Richard C. Wadsworth Memorial Prize
Fatuma Shinio

Frank H. Lathrop Scholarship
Alyssa McIntyre
Setha Treadwell
Warren Varney

2010-2011 SBE Graduate Student Award Winners
Fay Hyland-Hilborn Prize in Plant Biology
Garth Holman

Graduate Prize in Animal Biology
Christopher Tonra

Graduate Student Travel Awards
Rabern Simmons
Quenton Tuckett
Courtney Wigdahl