Former SBE Director, Staff and Faculty to be Recognized

Jody Jellison, former Director of the School of Biology and Ecology, will be recognized on Thursday, May 19th 2011 at UMaine’s Retiree Recognition Banquet. Jody is being recognized for her 26 years of dedication to the University. The School of Biology and Ecology will also be well-represented at the separate Employee Recognition Banquet scheduled for May 16th. Judy Collins, assistant scientist at UMaine, and Kevin Tracewski, Instructor in Biological Sciences, are both being recognized for 25 years at the University. Mary Tyler and Seth Tyler, who are both Zoology professors at UMaine, are being recognized for their 35 years of service. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your hard work over the years! For more information about the upcoming banquets, click here.

Original post 2011-04-06 12:15:35