Schoodic Trip Info

Below is a brief summary of the Schoodic information. Additional details and sign-ups will be posted here as they become available. Please visit this site periodically throughout the summer for the most current information and updates.

General Itinerary

Specific activities, options, and times will become more detailed throughout the summer. Below is a general breakdown of the dates and events that are being planned.

Wednesday – Travel and Welcome

  • Arrive at Murray Hall in the early afternoon to check-in, stow belongings, and load buses
  • Travel to Schoodic Institute and settle into rooms
  • Dinner at the Schooner Club
  • Welcome by the SBE Director, student group introduction activity
  • Optional movie and social time

Thursday – Activities with Faculty

  • Breakfast at the Schooner Club
  • Field activities with SBE faculty, such as:
    • Insect Identification walk
    • Bird Identification Walk
    • Intertidal Organisms
    • Illusionary Field Trip
    • Getting Ahead in Education
  • Meet with academic advisors
  • Lunch at the Schooner Club and down time
  • Free time on playing field
  • Dinner at the Schooner Club
  • Fun activity coordinated with grad students
  • Optional movie and social time

Friday – Return to UMaine

  • Breakfast at the Schooner club and pack belongings
  • Tour of CCAR
  • Travel back to Orono
  • Register with Residence Halls and join the Maine Hello Program in progress

Helpful Information

Leaving a car on campus.

If you will be leaving a car on campus while you are at Schoodic (EVERYONE will ride the bus to the Schoodic Institute), you need to apply for a parking permit.

Students who will live in the dorm need to apply for a resident permit and off campus students need a commuter permit.  The permits cost $50 each and are good for just over one year.  You can get your permit at the Student Services Center in the Memorial Union or by completing the online application (  Be sure to allow enough time for the mail.  We will tell you where to park your car when you check in. If your car will only be on campus while we are at Schoodic you need a temporary permit.  You can get this at no charge from the SBE Office in Murray 100.

Everyone should have their e-mail account set up and working.  You should be checking for e-mail at least once per week.  We will send any last minute information via your e-mail address so be sure to check your it daily in the last few days before we go to Schoodic.

What to bring to Schoodic

You will be staying in a dorm.  Sheets, blankets, and towels will be provided for you.  You will also get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Storage space for personal belongings at Schoodic is very limited and cannot be locked.  It consists of cubbies that are only about 18x18x18 inches.  So bring only essentials and leave valuables at home.

  • Warm clothes (such as warm socks, long pants, a fleece jacket – temperatures can get down to the 40’s at night on the coast during late August)
  • Summer clothes (it can be hot during the day)
  • Raingear (raincoat, rain jacket and pants, or a poncho) – there will be outdoor activities scheduled regardless of the weather
  • Flash light (The national park maintains a minimum of outdoor lights at night to minimize light pollution.)
  • Sneakers or other appropriate footwear for walking on trails
  • A second pair of shoes that can get wet and dirty while walking in tide pools (such as an old pair of sneakers)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle
  • Personal toiletries and any medications you are currently taking or may need.  Be sure to bring any prescription medications in their original bottle.

Admission Fees

Note that all costs associated with the Schoodic trip are included in the NFA 117 course fee.