Tim Waring

Associate Professor of Applied Cultural EvolutionPhoto of Tim Waring standing in a forest

Phone: 207.581.3157
Email: timothy.waring@maine.edu
Location: 200 Winslow Hall
Website: Tim Waring Info

Dr. Tim Waring is associate professor of applied cultural evolution at the University of Maine. Dr. Waring studies how cooperation and culture determine social and environmental outcomes. He builds and tests evolutionary models of social and economic change to learn how sustainable behaviors and durable institutions arise and persist. He uses behavioral and economic experiments and agent-based simulations. He has led the development of an evolutionary theory of sustainability and apply it to case studies around the world. Waring also received a prestigious CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation and leads an international working group on evolutionary approaches to sustainability. Current projects include the evolution of co-operative organizations, the patterns and processes of long-term human evolution, cultural adaptation to climate change among US Farmers to climate change.