Author: pkillian

NYT Magazine interviews Jacquelyn Gill on Younger Dryas impact

The New York Times Magazine interviewed Jacquelyn Gill, an associate professor of terrestrial paleoecology at the University of Maine, on controversy surrounding the Younger Dryas impact theory, which claims that a comet struck the Earth 12,900 years ago and caused a sudden cooling widespread death among large, ancient mammals. Gill said she was doubtful of it […]

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Our Maine book features Hamish Greig and Frank Drummond, among other UMaine and Maine academics, artists, and other voices

Recently-released book Our Maine : Exploring its Rich Natural Heritage, from Down East Books, features chapters by SBE Associate Professor Hamish Greig and Professor Emeritus Frank Drummond, as well as other contributions from cooperating faculty and those within the College of Earth, Life, and Health Sciences (formerly the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture). […]

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