Opportunity for SBE Students! Positions available as a paid Maine Learning Assistant (MLA)

The Maine Physical Sciences Partnership has an employment opportunity for undergraduates students in STEM (sceince, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.  They are recruiting for the Maine Learning Assistant Program and need to fill 22 paid positions in STEM courses for next spring.  These courses include: Bio 350: Concepts of Genetics, ERS 201: Global Enviromental change, SMS 422: Biology of Fishes, CHY 122:Introduction to Chemistry, PHY 122: Physics for Engineers/ Physical Sciences II, and SMS 491: English Literacy for Marine Science.  The MLA program is a great opportunity for outstanding STEM undergraduate students.  They will work closely with faculty and assist them in implementing innovative instructional strategies in college courses while having the opportunity to explore their interests.

To learn more, attend the MLA Open House: Thursday, October 24, 4:15-5:45 in the Hill Auditorium (165 Barros Hall)

Food and beverages will be provided!

For more information click here.