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BIO 100 Basic Biology
BIO 200 Biology of Organisms
BIO 205 Field Natural History of Maine
BIO 208 Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 222 Biology: The Living Science
BIO 223 Biology: The Living Science Laboratory
BIO 296 Biological Sciences Professional Experience
BIO 307 Introduction to Neuroscience
BIO 310 Plant Biology
BIO 319 General Ecology
BIO 326 General Entomology
BIO 327 Introductory Applied Entomology
BIO 329 Vertebrate Biology
BIO 331 Vertebrate Biology Laboratory
BIO 335 Comparative Anatomy
BIO 336 Developmental Biology
BIO 342 Plants in Our World
BIO 350 Concepts and Applications of Genetics
BIO 353 Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 354 Animal Behavior
BIO 377 Medical Physiology
BIO 378 Medical Physiology Laboratory
BIO 387 Undergraduate Research in Biology
BIO 388 Research Capstone in Biology
BIO 391 Undergraduate Independent Study in Biology
BIO 392 Independent Study Capstone in Biology
BIO 396 Field Experience in Biology
BIO 400 Biological Sciences Writing Intensive
BIO 401 Natural History of the Maine Coast
BIO 402 Capstone Experience in Biological Sciences
BIO 405 Clinical Lab Methods of Infectious Disease
BIO 421 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Methods
BIO 422 Clinical Hematology
BIO 423 Clinical Microbiology
BIO 424 Clinical Immunohematology
BIO 425 Clinical Chemistry
BIO 426 Clinical Microscopy
BIO 430 Ecology and Systematics of Aquatic Insects
BIO 432 Biology of the Fungi
BIO 433 Mammalogy
BIO 434 Avian Biology and Ecology
BIO 438 Morphogenesis and Differentiation
BIO 441 Microscopy
BIO 445 Plant Genetics
BIO 447 Experimental Aquatic Ecology
BIO 448 Insect Pest Ecology and Management
BIO 450 Histology
BIO 452 Plant Physiology
BIO 453 Plant Physiology Laboratory
BIO 454 Invertebrate Functional Morphology
BIO 455 Biological Invasions
BIO 462 Principles of Genetics
BIO 463 River Ecology
BIO 464 Taxonomy of Vascular Plants
BIO 465 Evolution
BIO 468 Limnology
BIO 474 Neurobiology
BIO 479 Endocrinology
BIO 480 Cell Biology
BIO 481 Seminar in the Biological Sciences I
BIO 483 Cell Biology Laboratory
BIO 496 Field Experience in Biological Sciences
BIO 504 Advanced Developmental Biology
BIO 511 Insect Ecology
BIO 512 Advanced Seminar in Biology
BIO 525 Community Ecology
BIO 530 Biology of the Fungi
BIO 531 Fungal Biology Laboratory
BIO 532 Biology of the Fungi
BIO 540 Seminar in Evolutionary Ecology
BIO 541 Microscopy Laboratory
BIO 545 Physiological Plant Ecology
BIO 546 Aquatic Ecosystems: a Landscape Perspective
BIO 547 Experimental Aquatic Ecology
BIO 548 Advanced Insect Pest Ecology and Management
BIO 550 Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial Ecosystems
BIO 555 Biological Invasions
BIO 568 Advanced Plant Ecology
BIO 574 Neurophysiology
BIO 578 Structure and Function of Plant Genomes
BIO 581 Seminar
BIO 587 Graduate Research in Biology I
BIO 588 Graduate Research in Biology II
BIO 591 Graduate Independent Study in Biology
BIO 596 Biological Sciences Professional Experiences
BIO 597 Special Topics in Biology
BIO 687 Problems in Biological Sciences I
BIO 688 Problems in Biological Sciences II
BIO 699 Graduate Thesis
EES 590 Special Topics Ecology & Environmental Ecology
EES 699 Graduate Thesis