Robert Northington

Robert NorthingtonLecturer/Post-doctoral Research Associate

Degree: Ph.D, Virginia Tech, 2013
Phone: 207.581.2190
Location: 108 Sawyer Research Center
I am an ecosystem ecologist with broad interests in aquatic-terrestrial linkages and the interactions between climate change and biogeochemical cycling in aquatic ecosystems.
Research Topic:
ecosystem ecology, aquatic ecology, terrestrial-aquatic linkages, biogeochemistry, climate change
Research Program:
I am interested in the human influence on ecosytem processes, and the role of restoration on linking structure and function in disturbed systems. My current research focuses on climate change and its influence on altering production and nutrient cycling in warming high Arctic lakes. Through collaborations with contemporary ecologists and paleoecologists, I have become interested in the role that climate change may have on the invasion of forests by insect pests and the regulation of aquatic systems as a result of the death of key tree species (e.g. Hemlock woolly adelgid).
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