Ron Kozlowski

Director of Biology New Media Lab
Degree: M.S. 2000, University of Maine
Phone: (207) 581-2543
Website: www.biomedialab.net
Email: rkozlo51@maine.edu

Location: 201 Murray Hall

The Bio New Media Laboratory (BioMediaLab), established in January 2004, creates sophisticated Web applications for both large and small courses. Mary Tyler and Ronald Kozlowski, who have been developing multimedia educational material for developmental biology, cell biology, genetics, and behavior courses for a number of years, started the facility. Mary Tyler’s grant from NSF-DUE enabled her to build and publish interactive CD-ROM-Web hybrids, DVDs and electronic lab manuals, as well as to develop the expertise in the lab through Ron Kozlowski, now Director of the Biology New Media Facility. In collaborations with other faculty, the facility has been advancing programs in education and serving research.

Tyler, M.S., R.N. Kozlowski, and S.F. Gilbert, 2006. Differential Expressions: Key Experiments in Developmental Biology. Sinauer Assoc., Inc., Sunderland, MA.  A DVD that illustrates the lives and work of eight influential scientists in the field. Each 10- to 12-minute segment depicts a seminal experiment in developmental biology, Combining extensive illustrations and original experimental video with a videotaped interview of the scientist who performed it.Tyler, M.S., and R.N. Kozlowski, 2006. Vade Mecum2: An Interactive Guide to Developmental Biology. Sinauer Assoc., Inc., Sunderland, MA.  Version 2.2 Edition includes new look and feel to the interface, speed optimization enhancements and new Teacher’s and Student’s Resource.Tyler, M.S., R.N. Kozlowski, 2003.  Fly Cycle.  Sinauer Assoc., Inc., Sunderland, MA.  This is an interactive CD-ROM version of the film, Fly Cycle: The Lives of a Fly, Drosophila melanogaster.  It includes larger video format, with improved video and audio quality, new interface with “scene selection” and Interactive puzzles and questions with internet connection.