Mark Hutton

Associate Professor of Horticulture and Extension Vegetable Specialist
School of Food and Agriculture
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Highmoor Farm
PO Box 179
52 U.S. Route 202
Monmouth, ME 04259-0179

Degree: Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, 1988

Research Topic: Vegetable production; organic; high tunnel; mulch

Overview of Research: The goal of my research is to evaluate environmental and horticultural adaptability of commercially important vegetable species grown in Maine utilizing organic and conventional production practices. Specific research topics includeevaluating crop management strategies such as intercropping, living mulches, and sequential cropping for improved yields, quality, and reduced agrochemical inputs and to evaluate and develop improved management strategies for high tunnel crop production.

Representative Publications:
Bryant, H., M. Hutton, D. Handley, E. Gallandt. 2008. Hybrid Mulch System: Effect on Crop Production and Economics. HortScience; 43(4): 1184.

Handley, D., R. Moran, and M. Hutton. 2008. Runner Growth and Yield Response of Day Neutral Strawberries to Preplant Prohexadione-calcium Root Dips. HortScience; 43(4): 1235.

Hutton, M. and R. Grube. 2008. Muskmelon Varieties and the Effects of PlantShield. HortScience; 43(4): 1256.

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Handley, D.T., M. Hutton, and R. Moran. 2007. Strawberry Plant Growth and Yield Response to Increasing Prohexadione-calcium Rates in a Plasticulture System. HortScience; 42(7): 983.
Hutton, M.G. and D.T. Handley. 2006. Effects of Silver Reflective Mulch, White Inter-Row Mulch and Plant Density on Yields of Pepper in Maine. HortTechnology, April-June 2007; 17: 214 – 219.

Jackson, T.L., D.T. Handley and M.G. Hutton. 2006. Phytotoxicity and Pollination Disorders in Sweet Corn Due to Direct-Silk Applications of Materials Used for Organic Helicoverpa Zea (Boddie) Control. HortTechnology, April-June 2007; 17: 163 – 168.

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