William Glanz

William E. Glanz

Associate Professor of Zoology and Cooperating Associate Professor of Wildlife
Degree: Ph.D. 1977 University of California, Berkeley

Research Topic:
Community and foraging ecology and social behavior of mammals and birds; evolution and biogeography of North and South American rodents

Research Program:
My research interests focus on the ecology, behavior, and conservation of birds, mammals, and amphibians. Recent projects with my graduate students and other collaborators include: effects of tidal restriction on breeding success in Saltmarsh Sharptailed Sparrows in Maine; status and conservation of Rusty Blackbirds in northern Maine; behavior of amphibian larvae in relation to environmental stressors, including predators and UV radiation; community structure of amphibians in Acadia National Park and effects of beavers on species distributions; wintering ecology, population responses, and conservation of Harlequin Ducks in Maine; foraging habitat selection and roosting habitats of bats in coastal Maine.

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