Amelanchier amabilis Weig.

Lovely shadbush, amélanchier gracieux

Shrubs. Stems 1–5, 1–5 m, arched-ascending and forming small clumps; twigs glabrous at flowering. Leaves conduplicate in bud, well expanded and unfolded, green or brownish, and abaxially densely hairy by flowering; petioles 12–22 mm; blades abaxially green, ovate-oval, 2.5–6.7 x 1.8–4.7 cm, firm, bases rounded to subcordate, margins dentate to or nearly to base, with 3 teeth per cm, lateral veins 6–13 pairs, remaining distinct to the margin and not anastomosing, apices subacute, surfaces glabrous . Inflorescences 4–12-flowered, soon arching or drooping, 3–4.5 cm, only proximalmost 1–2 pedicels subtended by leaf. Pedicels slightly hairy, proximalmost 1.2–2.4 cm. Flowers: hypanthia saucer-shaped, 7–9 mm diam.; sepals +/- recurving after flowering , +/- 4.5–5 mm, adaxially hairy; petals white, linear to narrowly spatulate, 16–22 x 3.9–6.5 mm, not andropetalous; stamens 20; styles 5; ovary summit rounded, densely hairy . Pomes dark purple or almost black, diameter unknown, sweetness unknown.



Flowering May–Jun; fruiting Jul–Aug.

Open woods, rocky banks, shores, often calcareous; 0–300 m

Ont., Que.; N.Y.

Amelanchier amabilis makes a lovely display with its large flowers, the largest in eastern North America . It resembles most closely A. sanguinea. Indeed, A. amabilis was first named as a form (A. sanguinea f. grandiflora Wiegand) and later a variety of A. sanguinea (see synonymy). It flowers at the same time as A. humilis and A. sanguinea. We have observed this species growing with A. sanguinea without the occurrence of putative hybrids. We have observed putative hybrids in the field of this species with A. arborea and A. humilis.

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